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100/200PCSCold Resistant Perennial Wild Flower Combination Seeds Bloom All the Year Round Flower Seeds Are Easy to Be Planted in Courtyard and Live Outdoors

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1. Preparation before sowing ↘ The leveled soil shall be ploughed at a depth of about 30-50cm to remove sundries and make it loose and smooth. ? For direct sowing with small area, if the area is large and it is difficult to master the sowing schedule, the plot to be planted shall be divided into uniform areas first, and the sower is required At the same time, the seeds are equally divided into a small amount of shares with the same area, and then the small amount of seeds are respectively sown to In small pieces of soil. So that the seeds can be spread evenly. ? Before sowing, the seeds should be mixed evenly to avoid the uneven growth and distribution of varieties. ? It is suggested that the prepared sand should be fully mixed before sowing, and some seeds should be soaked in water at different temperatures in advance. ? According to the planned sowing amount of different proportion, it is directly and evenly spread on the arranged plot. Soak or mix the seeds in wet sand before Sowing is a good way to deal with it. The proportion of mixed sand is sand: seed = 2:1 or 3:1. 2. Sowing method ↘ The sowing method depends on the planting area and terrain. When the area is small, it can be sown by hand or by hand seeder. Pay attention to the balance If the seeds are sown evenly, a relatively fixed person can get a relatively uniform sowing density. The mixed seeds should be sown while the remaining seeds are mixed Sow seeds to avoid uneven distribution caused by seed precipitation. ? After sowing, gently comb the sown area with a rake, or spread a thin layer of sand or fine soil on the sown seeds to make the seeds reasonably thick The thickness of coverage shall not exceed 0.5cm, and the thickness shall not exceed 2 times of seed diameter. Generally, the small seeds can not be covered with soil. ? If a large area of sowing, such as more than 5 mu, the best use of drill. The maximum row spacing is 6m. ? In order to increase the moisture retention of the soil or avoid the damage caused by high temperature under special climate conditions, straw curtain can be covered on the sown soil The non-woven fabric or the shade net have got better germination effect. ? After sowing, compaction equipment is used to compact the soil so that the soil and seeds can be better combined and contacted as closely as possible.

Sale price USD $0.50 Regular price USD $1.94

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